A New Start

I once heard an interview of Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist blog and he said something to the effect of loving the name of his blog because he hadn’t really arrived at being a minimalist. On one hand I disagreed and love to now claim that I am a minimalist, but I cannot deny, that really he is correct. Though we are striving–and I do mean striving–to live a simple life, it is not easy, nor have we arrived.

I’ve been wanting to do some serious purging again for a while.  Between summertime and visitors and crazy job changes, the purging has had to wait. But, summer and homeschool is over, and I just lost my job, so it looks like perfect timing to me to get this purging party started!

For those of you who keep pondering minimalism, but haven’t jumped. I can once again identify with you. Wanting to kick it up a notch is bringing back those similar feelings that I had in the beginning; the hesitation, the excitement and dreaming of clean counters. I feel it now as I look at three large bookshelves loaded down with books. Many that will not be read a second time meaning THEY. MUST. GO. Obviously I am NOT a book minimalist 😉

So, would you jump with me?  Will you purge your home as I purge mine?  I’ll share along the way and I would love for you to join me too.  I’ve started a Facebook group called “Simple Steps” with some friends of mine who are wanting to declutter and simplify. Feel free to ask to be added to the group or simply comment on the blog.

Here’s some of my reasons for wanting to purge again.

  1. Its been awhile. Things that I’m unsure of have crept their way back into our home and our lives. Kids have grown and aged so there are clothes and toys that need to go.
  2. Our family has changed a bit. We no longer homeschool. Our kids are getting more involved in sports. There are some career changes going on and with that, comes a need for out with the old and in with the new.
  3. I’ve never been much on decorating, but I really appreciate beauty and finally feel like I have an idea of what I want our home to look like. Purging will help get it there.
  4. My family. Three people in my life that I love more than anything and I want us to love and soak up every moment we have together–the good and the bad. I do not want to waste time cleaning and caring for things I don’t care about. When our house is stuffed with things it crowds out precious time I could spend with them.

So where to start?  I posted previously about the first steps. But let’s make a plan.  If there’s one area you wish was decluttered and simplified what is it?  For me its my office. I’ll start there today.  Comment with where you’re starting. Let’s do this!


A few changes around here…

I’ll keep this short and sweet.  I did a small makeover for the blog. There’s several reasons I initially chose the name “Without Borders” and now there are several reasons I’m changing it.  Largely because of the whole, “Doctors Without Borders” and other types of people without borders.  If you google, there are even CLOWNS without borders. I kid you not. They got a great name in my opinion, but since I’m not linked to any of them, I figure I should drop it. So…a new name. This is my WEAKNESS. I am not creative with words like that. To come up with a NAME of something??  It’s torture for me.  So, keeping in line with the way I’m living my life, I thought I would keep it simple and thus “Simple Steps” was born. I like the term simplicity better than minimalism most of the time and “steps” seems to say that you’re on a journey, which I also like. Lots of likes going on. I would be thrilled if you shared a post and even hashtagged simplesteps if I inspire any simplifying in your life!  #simplesteps