Pictures and Keepsakes

As I continue to minimalize our possessions, I keep running into various piles, containers, organizers, folders, etc with little keepsakes. We have two kids, so a lot of that revolves around them. I’ve always wanted to scrapbook, but it took me 9 1/2 years to finish the pre-marriage scrapbook of me and Andrei! I love the outcome, but mercy is it a chore to get it all out and make the pages.  It is not my jam–good for you if it is!!  So, I have loads of things that I’ve WANTED to scrapbook, but have never gotten around to.  So, here is what I’m doing.

First of all, any projects I’ve started I am going to finish BEFORE I start something new.  I finished mine and Andrei’s scrapbook, so now I’m ready to move on.

I also have a newly cleaned out file box (goodbye old papers that I had NO good reason to keep!) In that file box I have labeled a hanging folder for every year since 2005. As I’m finding these piles and folders of keepsakes and since I used to keep everything, I’m doing my usual purging of whatever is not worth keeping, cleaning and storing, and then putting it in the folder for its year.


I apologize to my OCD friends that the labels start on the wrong side and aren’t really staggered correctly 🙂

I’m now ready to start on my next projects-one at a time. I have some years that I mainly only have pictures.  I checked on a swapping group I’m in on Facebook and got a couple of photo albums that someone was ready to toss. I’m going to put the pictures in those and be done.

My next plan is to sort of work backwards.  Instead of starting with the early years of marriage and babies, I’m starting with recent years. Last fall the kids and I had a one month trip overseas to see their grandparents.  It really was the trip of a lifetime and we have more than pictures-circus tickets, train stubs, foreign currency. I want to put it in a scrapbook. Though the last one took me years, I still want to make scrapbooks, but my plan will be a little different. Towards the end of the one of I just finished, I did much simpler scrapbooking that was not so time consuming and I intend to do that with the others. I finished it quickly because I wasn’t trying to make it perfect, I was just enjoying the process and not stressing over the embellishments. I like the pretty paper and my keepsakes, but that’s about it.  Here’s a picture of my simpler scrapbooking.


One quick note on kids’ crafts. I have one very crafty kid and the amount of paper drawings and creations she gives me is enormous!  Obviously I cannot and should not store every piece of paper she has drawn on.   She’s old enough now to understand this concept and sometimes she even helps me cut down on the crafts we keep.  If you keep it all, theres no way you can truly enjoy it. When she has been really inspired, we’ve framed it but even those will rotate. Others we have kept that have special meaning or that were just really dear to us.

Do you have a simple way of keeping your memories?  Please share!


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