Homeschool on the Go

Spending a month overseas, as romantic as it sounds, doesn’t come without a bit of planning, prepping, stressing, doubting, etc, especially when it comes to homeschooling.  I’ve had questions about the what and hows during our trip, so I thought I would share that.  I give some credit to author, blogger, adventurer, Tsh Oxenreider and her post on “world schooling” and mininmalism.  It was one of the moments that I felt like someone wrote it just for me.  Check out her blog as her family of 5 just left for a year long trip around the world!

First of all, we began school in July because I knew that this month in Minsk would be “different” than our normal homeschooling days.  I wanted to get a jump on a few things like math because as much as I would love to claim to be spontaneous, I do love routine and structure and completing my plans.

Secondly, with the kids being older now (7 & 5) the trip is extremely educational and such a valuable experience for anyone at any age.  We are being immersed in a country, culture, and language.  No matter your age, you are going to learn and grow in ways that only this can do.  My in-laws and I also planned some “educational” events and sightseeing.  So those days have been rich in history and geography.  Each child has a journal and is journaling in their own way about the days we are sightseeing.  We are also having conversations aabout the differences they are noticing.

Despite how my Instagram feed looks, we are having some pretty low key, ordinary days.   We’ve taken those days to get some of our usual language arts and math lessons completed.  We are on our second chapter book, which we are reading at night.

Lastly, there have been some products that we are using and have used in regards to the trip.  Prior to leaving we used Rosetta Stone to brush up on the language.  It is excellent!  I also checked out the free one offered by our local library and it is good as well.  We brought our Handwriting Without Tears workbooks, Math workbooks, several chapter books, Learning Wrap-Ups (which makes kids want to work on their math facts!)  There are also several apps, like Vocabulary Spelling City, iAzbuka (Russian alphabet), Letter Quiz that the kids enjoy and get a little practice in.





The city of Minsk celebrated 947 years during our visit. We watched knights and archers.


We visited Stalin’s line and learned a bit of military history.


Enjoyed and learned about some of the natural beauty around Belarus.


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