The Trenches of Parenthood

Lately there’s been some rough days in our household in the area of parenting.  Add to that the long and sometimes lonely days of homeschooling and you have a tired mom who feels like she has logged weeks in one day. If you are there, here’s a few things that have helped me through:

1) Friends.  I have one homeschooling friend, that I don’t know what I would do without her.  It is a comfort to know that she is there, she understands my rough days, and that I can text her anytime and she will offer up a word of encouragement or understanding or a prayer.

2)Prayer.  Often I don’t know what to pray because I”m angry or exhausted or so frustrated, but knowing that the source of all wisdom is available to me is such a comfort.

3) Joy.  Believe it or not, my precious children who bring me so much joy can also be the very ones that can bring it crashing down.  So, I”m choosing joy, even in the trenches of parenthood, I will not let these precious ones in their most heated tantrums steal it away.  That my friends, is probably the hardest ones, because I so often want Jesus plus well behaved, school-loving children.  But life is hard and we are all sinful.  We have a savior who is greater than all this and He gives us joy even in the trenches of whatever battle we are fighting.


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