#mywritingprocess Blog Tour

One of my closest friends, Lauren of www.birthisfun.com, invited me to join a recent blog tour.  I’ve “toured” part of the world with Lauren, so I jumped at the chance for a virtual one.  I first met Lauren in college and we ran off to eastern Europe to work with college kids and orphans and we both fell in love with the culture and some local boys – hence the crazy last names!  Lauren now is a wife, mom, natural birth advocate, labor nurse, blogger of all things birthing and my minimalist friend!

Being that I homeschool and have a home based business with Noonday Collection, I don’t blog as often as I want.  An idea will hit (usually in the shower!) and then life happens and I don’t get to write about it immediately, but I’m trying to make time for that!  Many friends have contacted me about my journey into minimalism so that has been much of my work lately.

With the focus on minimalism and simplicity, I address how you can apply that to a life with kids and how to simplify in this day and age of the glorification of busy.  I’m also studying the Christian focus on simplicity so that makes its way into my writings as well.  My life has changed so much in the past year and a half in this area–which conveniently spills into all other areas, that I cannot help but want to share that with others!  I want you to join me into simplicity!

I NEVER thought I would “write” in any shape or form, so the fact that I am now supposed to answer about my writing process is a bit embarrassing.  So I’ll just be honest, I am inspired when I’m outdoors.  I’ve always loved being outside.  I am desperately trying to carve more time in my day for that.  As I see how good it is for me. I’m also inspired by people.  I love seeing people live life to the full – even with the hard and messy things.  Just living!  To hear of someone doing something brave and bold or to have a conversation with someone about their hopes and dreams will get me dreaming and the creative juices flowing.  I jot down ideas as they come and then later, just write and edit.  Simple!  

Unfortunately, at the moment I have no one to pass the torch onto for the #mywritingprocess tour.  If I know you personally and you blog, I’d be happy to edit and link up to you if you’d like to join the tour!




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