The Ultimate Minimalist

So minimalism. Early on I was a little hesitant about it all as I mentioned in my “Reluctant Minimalist” post. I remember just a couple weeks into it, the purge, that I began to say ok, there is something more here than getting rid of my stuff and keeping clutter at bay. I also remember thinking that I didn’t want to get into some thing that was weird. I felt though, that this went deeper. There was something spiritual here. I also felt that if this was not from God,  I didn’t want any part of it. And wouldn’t you know, Jesus is the ultimate minimalist. His life on earth was characterized by its simplicity.

I mentioned in my last post that I’m in a small group with some close friends and we are reading Richard Foster’s The Freedom of Simplicity. I read it last year. During ” The Great Purge” and it really brought it all full circle and showed me that yes, this very much is a spiritual journey.
One thing that the world, and even the church needs is more people who are willing  to live a life of simplicity. I’m finding that is some thing that truly is craved and many times we don’t even know the name of it. Jesus calls us to live simply. There is SO much to be found in it. Peace, freedom, Joy, contentment. I am only just beginning and have so far to go and I see it and feel it everyday when, by the grace of God, I’m able to choose life and love and people over stuff, anxiety and busyness. Whether it’s hoarding things away or wishing and scraping up the money and time to acquire them or filling me life so full that I’m running full speed and still can’t manage it all.
Would you join me? Would you just take a small step in releasing the hold you have on things and watch the grip that they have so tightly on your life begin to loosen.
What if all this stress and running and striving for could be greatly reduced?

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