Never Say Never

Last July I did something I NEVER thought I would and am pretty sure that I even said I would NEVER do. I know, I know. Never say Never! So, what was it? I started selling jewelry with Noonday Collection. If you saw me prior to the first week of August (when my samples arrived), I always wore my wedding band and ring, which I actually hadn’t done in 2 months because they were cut off my finger when I broke it, and a year later, they’re still not fixed, ahem, Andrei. I occasionally wore a necklace, usually a simple silver cross that had belonged to my grandmother. Every now and then a bracelet would end up on my wrist or a strand of pearls if I was feeling fancy. But now, I can layer necklaces, talk about the awesomeness of statement pieces and mix and match metals and colors with the best of them!

Of course hindsight is 20/20. I see it beginning now with the birth of my oh-so girlie girl. As most of you know I am a bit tomboyish. I love my jeans, t-shirts, and cowboy boots. I love sports. I love outdoors. I see now that those things can coincide with beauty and femininity. As my daughter hit 2 years old, so began her love of all things princess. We didn’t exactly encourage or discourage it. It just happened. She is now 7 and every bit as much of a princess and all-things-fancy lover. When she was 3 or 4 I was in a small mentoring group with some wonderful ladies. I had an epiphany during that time, brought on by reading Paul Miller’s book, A Praying Life. I had begun to pray very specifically and daily for my daughter. For a while, I had felt a bit of tension in my heart. I was easily annoyed with her persistence on me playing princess and dress up and painting nails. And the pink, for heaven’s sake, there are so many other colors in this world, but that was the ONLY color she wanted anything to do with. God forbid a guest child ask for the pink cup! As happens when we pray, the Lord began to work on ME and not HER. I saw that I needed to embrace her girliness and maybe even my own feminity. I think in some ways I had always wanted to be a boy. Yes, I know, I probably need to go to counseling for that statement. But I just felt like being a boy was more fun. They got to do more things, have more freedom. Sometimes I would get complimented, but I didn’t know what to do with that. I began to see that deep down, there it was staring me in the face. I WANT to be beautiful! I WANT to be desired and complimented. I WANT to enjoy being a girl and know what to do with that! And that is ok. I can be beautiful and smart and brave and even tough (I completed the Warrior Dash last year!) and still be a woman and embrace my femininity. I began to see that in Esther, and Ruth, and some of my girl friends. All of that to say, I started playing dress up and painting our nails with my girl and I even started playing a bit myself. I began to see that I did like beautiful things.

So, when the opportunity to sell jewelry came up, I went for it. I didn’t wear much at that time, and even on my application I wrote “minimalist” for my “style.” But I embraced it. I felt ok venturing into this new arena of being a woman and it has been SO MUCH FUN!! I’ve learned a lot and I’ve gained confidence as well. At trunk shows I love to encourage my guests to step out of their comfort zone and try on a piece that they might NEVER normally choose and to help their girl friends do the same. As women, we work and give so many hours of our days to others that I love encouraging my guests and customers to take a few minutes to feel beautiful and embrace that.


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