Hi there!  I know some of you may be wondering why in the world I would start a blog.  And for months I’ve been asking myself that same question but I’ve had this lingering desire.  It hasn’t gone away and so I thought I would take the jump.  Fears and insecurities continue to pop up, but I’m old enough to know that those are no reason to stop.  Others of you may be asking what’s the big deal.  And honestly, starting a blog is not a big deal.  There are thousands out there and will probably be thousands more.  Being a homeschooling mom is a bit lonely at times or isolating.  Sometimes I just want to talk to someone or share something with someone and then a precious little life will interrupt and my moment to share is gone. So this is a way to intentionally share my story.  What is going on in my life, I hope, will serve to encourage, help, inspire, and maybe even occasionally educate anyone who comes across it.  

A few disclaimers here at the birth of my blog.  For the record, I am not and am in no way claiming to be a good writer! Recently my kids and I read A Year with Miss Agnes by Kirkpatrick Hill.  Its a charming story about a British woman who goes to teach in a village in Alaska for a year, told through the eyes of a ten year old.   Their previous teachers had always harped on the fact that their English was terrible.  But bless Miss Agnes’ heart because she told those children that there were lots of right ways to talk and said that “what we talked in the village was right…but there’s another way to talk, and that’s what we want to talk when we go to the city or go away to school, and that’s what she said she was going to teach us.”  Can I get an amen for all the displaced eastern Kentuckians?!  I’ve been out of the mountains for twelve years and I still get a confused look or comment for the occasional strange word or phrase that slips out.   We’ll save the topic of my kids’ crazy vocabulary for another day. Someday they will realize what a crazy mix their parents are!
As for the direction of this blog, you can expect to hear about my family and adventures with homeschooling and parenting, my wanderlust and the places I love, my journey into minimalism and simplicity, my Noonday Collection business and my heart to change the world through helping others, and you can expect to hear about Jesus. Though I have not seen Him, I love Him (1 Peter 1:8).
Much love & thanks for joining me!

6 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I look forward to reading your blog. Even though you have a few words that are strange don’t forget them. Good luck.

  2. I am looking forward to following and reading this Robin! I am proud of you for making your blog happen. I hope you enjoy it, and I can’t wait to see what it comes to be. You may have never seen Jesus, but I see him in you all the time.
    And I’ll throw you a Southern girl Amen any time! Love you-

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